Astounding Facts about Diabetes in Middle East

Astounding Facts about Diabetes When to check for thyroid disease? The thyroid is a gland situated in your neck. It produces hormones that are considered “fuel” to the body. It can have different presentations Changes in shape, size or consistency Changes in hormonal secretion: It could be functioning faster than usual, giving a state of…

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Diabetes expert in Middle East – 13 Easy Tips to Apply

Diabetes – 13 Easy Tips to Apply 1. Tips to decrease your triglyceride level When we speak of increased cholesterol levels, it doesn’t always mean one thing. In fact, “total cholesterol” is defined as the sum of the good cholesterol (HDL), the bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. The danger to the heart and vessels come…

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Diabetes advice in Middle East – Surprising Info in 2021

Advice for patients living with Diabetes 1. Your small blood vessels are at risk if your sugar levels are not at target! High sugar levels affecting the small vessels include damage to the retinal vessels, the small vessels of the kidney and the distal vessels of the nerves. Uncontrolled diabetes, whatever type it is, may…

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