5 Minutes Prostate Surgery With Our Rezum Expert Dr. Fouad Khoury


52 years old male patient:

45 gr prostate with failure to improve symptoms on medical treatment.

Taking into consideration the patient’s age and sexual activities; he was insisting on undergoing a procedure to relieve his symptoms while preserving EJACULATION.

A 5 minutes prostate procedure (REZUM) as shown in the video,  was done by our Rezum Expert Dr.Fouad Khoury under local anesthesia.

There is no need for the patient to sleep in the hospital, or to be hospitalized.

Prostate treatment in Middle East 

Rezum water vapor

Recently approved by the FDA in 2015, makes it possible to perform a prostate surgery in 5 minutes while preserving EJACULATION AND SEXUAL FUNCTION.

This operation consists of throwing steam through an instrument into the enlarged area of ​​the prostate; the vapor carries energy that will be diffused into the molecules which will be killed and discarded by the immune system.

It lasts 5 to 10 minutes under local anesthesia and the number of vapor ejections depends on the volume of the prostate.

Benefits of REZUM

– The procedure doesn’t cause complications, no need to be hospitalized.

– Return to daily activities in a few days.

– Relatively painless.

– Improvement of symptoms after 2 weeks.

– Symptoms continue to improve for up to 3 months.

– A good prognosis of up to 15 years.

– This procedure doesn’t cause sexual dysfunctions.

After this operation, the doctor can give an antibiotic for a few days to prevent infection.