Best Prostate Treatment in Middle East

Best Prostate treatment in the Middle East

Dr. Fouad Khoury discussing the most innovative prostate surgeries including minimally invasive transurethral water vapor therapy (Known as REZUM).

Benefits of water vapor therapy :

– 5 to 10 minutes procedure

-Preservation of ejaculation

-Preservation of sexual function

– Done under local anesthesia

– Same day procedure

-return to daily activities in a few days

-a good prognosis of up to 15 years

Follow the link for more detailed information about REZUM therapy.

Bladder prolapse expert | Dr Fouad Khoury

Bladder prolapse

Dr Fouad Khoury discussing minimally invasive approach to repair pelvic organ prolapses such as cystocele and rectocele. The repair can be done either through a laparoscopic or robotic approach with a success rate higher than 90 percent when done in expert hands.


European Parliament Dr Fouad Khoury

Dr. Fouad Khoury, expert robotic surgeon and founder of Smart EMR solutions, discussing at the European Parliament in Brussels the importance of smart and coded digital software in improving medical practice and avoiding medical pitfalls.

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