Extraordinary Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty (Left)


Dr Fouad Khoury, a referral urologist in Lebanon and the Middle East, performing pyeloplasty for UPJ stenosis. This video features step by step approach along with captions for successful and smooth completion of pyeloplasty operation, with antegrade intra operative JJ insertion.

The procedure was performed using 2x5mm and 2x10mm trocars. Smooth dissection of colon and identification of ureter and enlarged kidney pelvis. Once the proximal ureter is dissected without jeopardizing its blood supply, division and excision of UPJ stenosis. As you see, very minimal cauterization used in order to prevent scarring and possible re stenosis at anastomosis site. Therefore working in an oozing field should be tolerated in those cases.

Meticulous anastomosis was done using vicryl 4.0 starting with the posterior plane, followed by antegrade JJ 6Fr * 26cm inserted over guidewire. Once the JJ is placed, the anterior plane is completed using vicryl 4.0.

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